Create a DIY Fundraiser

Our Mission Starts with YOU

Volunteer-driven fundraisers are an important part of MSAA’s fundraising efforts. All fundraisers, large and small, play a vital role in raising awareness and funds to help support MSAA’s free programs and services.

Fundraise for MSAA in 3 Easy Steps:

DIY 1 Create Your Fundraiser
DIY 2 Share on Social Media
DIY 3 Fundraise!


Why Fundraise for MSAA? 

By creating your own DIY fundraiser for MSAA, you’ll be helping the multiple sclerosis community receive necessary resources to improve their quality of life! Your fundraising dollars help MSAA provide even more free programs and services to members of the MS community who need them!

Every Dollar Counts - MSAA 2020


Questions? Contact Christy Phillips at or (800) 532-7667 ext - 127.