Fundraising Tips and Tricks

You have already taken the first step and signed up for Team MSAA’s Anniversary challenge! Use some of these tips and tricks we have found helpful to maximize your fundraising goals:

  1. Personalize your fundraising page - Adding a photo of yourself and a little bit about what makes your challenge unique to you will help your donors feel more connected and compelled to donate.
  2. Use social media to your advantage – Right now the best way to collect donations is through virtual channels. Lucky for you your fundraising page connects right to your Facebook account and you can collect donations right there! Make sure you post frequently about your challenge to keep your friends and family up to date. Check out our updated social media toolkit
  3. Use other social channels to promote your fundraiser – You won’t be able to collect donations directly from Instagram or Twitter but you can certainly post and raise awareness. Use engaging tools like the Instagram stories to update your followers of your progress. Below you’ll find some Instagram story content we have created, feel free to screenshot and use – or create your own. Just remember to tag @MSAssociation.

 Team MSAA Bingo Card