Welcome to MSAA's "It's COOL to Pay it Forward" Campaign

We are asking MS clients who received a free cooling vest through MSAA to pay it forward by creating a personal webpage that shares their story and raises funds to help others receive a much-needed cooling vest through MSAA. You do not need to donate any money - just share your story and ask others to help support MSAA!

To make it easier for you, MSAA has prepopulated each webpage with a sample story that explains the importance of cooling relief for people with MS. You have the option of keeping this example and adding your name and personal photo to the story, or deleting it and writing your own account about how the cooling vest has impacted your life.



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To make a general donation, click here to give directly to the It's Cool to Pay It Forward Campaign.

For questions or help in creating your own webpage, please contact MSAA's Development department at (800) 532-7667, ext. 161 or email jgaynor@mymsaa.org.

Sample Story:

Cathy F. Cooling Peer to PeerAs someone living with multiple sclerosis, I can tell you that heat greatly affects the symptoms of MS. It often drains your energy, makes you feel debilitated and forces you to miss out on picnics, time with friends - just about everything!

But then I learned about MSAA’s Cooling Program that provides free cooling vests to people with MS who cannot afford to buy one. The vest has insulated pockets to hold frozen ice packs, which provides hours of cooling relief! With the cooling vest I now go out and enjoy the beautiful sunny days that once kept me stuck indoors.

The average cost of a cooling vest is $150, which I could not afford. I cannot thank MSAA enough for giving me this vest for free and part of my life back!

Please help me pay it forward by donating to my Cooling Vest Fund. My goal is to raise $150 by August 31st to allow MSAA to provide a cooling vest for someone else with MS - someone like me who cannot afford one. Please help me help others by donating today, and you’ll have a COOL summer too!

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  1. Helen Washington - $461.00
  2. Cathy Frusciante - $185.00
  3. Carrie Deaton - $150.00
  4. Linda - $85.00
  5. Gloria Madrid - $80.00
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