Swim for MS Stories

MSAA invites everyone into the pool to Swim for MS! Swim for MS is perfect for all levels of swim enthusiasts, swim clubs and teams, youth groups, social clubs, and families. Getting started is easy – just set a swim challenge and fundraising goal and dive in!

To inspire your own swim challenge, please read these examples of recent Swim for MS fundraisers that highlight team events and individual challenges.

Individual & Personal Swim Challenges


Mary Carls has been living with multiple sclerosis for over 30 years and still maintains an active lifestyle as an avid lap swimmer. In October 2014, Mary pledged to swim 10 miles and raised $1,250 for MSAA and to show her support for the MS community.

"Swim for MS is great way for me to stay healthy and raise money for a good cause."


In June 2015, with family and friends cheering her on, 7-year-old Olivia Moore completed her swim challenge to swim one mile and raised more than $7,700!!

"My mom was diagnosed with MS in March. My mom loves swimming too. I am swimming for my mom."


As part of her bat mitzvah project, Juliane Baco challenged herself to swim 300 laps over the summer. This Swim for MS superstar raised $1,245 in support of MSAA and the MS community!



During the month of October 2015, Clara Goolsby challenged herself to raise funds for individuals with MS – one lap at a time. With support from friends and family, Clara raised $420!

"I love to help people and I love to swim. This opportunity just made sense."

Team & Group Swims

Temple-swim stories-sm.jpg

Ann Rejrat hosts an annual Swim for MS team event at the Temple University Campus Recreation Center inviting all students, staff, and faculty to dive into action to show support for the MS community. Held during March in honor of MS Awareness Month, the event is always a huge success and has raised more than $5,000 since 2014.

"My sister has MS. This event means a lot to me and I am hoping to continue to help more people like her."


Coach Carrie and the PBC Pirates swim club from Long Branch, NJ hold an annual “swim-a-thon” at the end of their season to raise vital funds for MSAA. The kids (ranging in age from 6 to 12) have a lot of fun participating in relays and races and showing their support for the MS community.

team-dragonfly-swim stories-sm.jpg

Team Captain Courtney Evers and Team DragonFLY set a goal to collectively swim 20 miles in five days to raise awareness and funds in supports of individuals living with MS. Together, the team raised more than $4,100!

"We will be swimming for my Mom, Elaine, who was diagnosed with MS in 2005. This is an exciting year as my mom will be in Hawaii to swim alongside me each day!"


Joshua Piro and the Cajun Cannonballs make a big splash every summer by pledging to do one cannonball for every $1 donated to the team! In 2015, the team raised $1,157. That's a lot of cannonballs!!