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Swim for MS Volunteers Have Raised $320,000 helping to Improve Lives Today!

Current Top Fundraisers:

1. Temple University – Campus Recreation
2. Paul Ojakian
3. Charles Cannaday
4. Deanna Glassmann
5. Dawn Chambers

6. Ann Rejrat 
7. Betty Martin
8. Sabrina's Splash Team  
9. Cera Masters 
10. Do Gooders Team

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Splash for MS this Memorial Day!

Help us make our biggest splash yet - join our Splash for MS Memorial Day Team!

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Send us your pictures to be featured as the main image on our Swim for MS fundraising site!

April’s Top Fundraiser

Find out who won this month's autographed Missy photo!

Swim for MS Partnerships

Check out more information on our updated CafePress site, as well as our continuing swimsuit partnerships with HARDCORESWIM and Endless Pools.