What to Look for in an Ayahuasca Retreat Center

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A lot of ayahuasca retreats crop up all over Peru nowadays which makes it difficult to decide a good place to go with. An ayahuasca ceremony includes consuming the hallucinatory tea made from the plant ayahuasca. If you are thinking of partaking in this journey, be ready to encounter the infinite, divine and the mystery beyond what your mind can perceive. And you need to do your research online to end up with a promising place. If you haven't tried an ayahuasca retreat, you might wonder what makes a good ayahuasca retreat center.

Uses Pure and Safe Ayahuasca Medicine

Ayahuasca comes in different kinds some of which should be avoided. Every ayahuasca retreat organization touts their brew's supremacy. You should know that brews are not made the same and that a number of them may be harmful because of how they were prepared, the intention drenches into the brew and the nature of the ingredients used. A reputable retreat organization makes use of a gentle yet powerful healing plant which acts as a catalyst for personal details and gives you insightful visions.

Has Shamans who Knows Exactly what they are Doing

When choosing an ayahuasca retreat center, check why the shamanic team runs their ceremonies. Is it because they want to help people heal or to gain personal benefits? Also, know how long they have been working with ayahuasca. You don't want the ceremony to compromise your safety. Check out http://healthlinerx.org/ for your options.

Offers Good Accommodation

Flying to Peru to work with a possibly hallucinogenic, shaman-prepared beverage is a serious move out of your comfort zone. So it is just reasonable to expect a decent accommodation. Common options range from single rooms with private bathrooms to double and triple rooms with shared bathrooms.

Is Located in a Scenic Setting

Good Ayahuasca retreat centers are located in a revitalizing and inspiring environment. It is free from the noise and distraction of urban energy, letting guests feel they are in a sanctuary. This allows them to concentrate on their journey towards healing.

Offers Clean and Nutritious Meals

Those who partake in an ayahuasca ceremony should have a diet that works with the medicine. They should focus on eating clean in order to clear dense energies from the body. The center serves unique and flavorful meals as well as takes into account diet restrictions. Foods they serve include a range of proteins, grains, fruits and vegetables.

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