Create Your Own Fundraiser

Our Mission Starts with YOU

Volunteer-driven fundraisers are an important part of MSAA’s fundraising efforts. All fundraisers, large and small, play a vital role in raising awareness and funds to help support MSAA’s free programs and services.

Creating your own fundraiser is easy! Below are a few simple steps to help you get started organizing your fundraiser for MSAA:

  1. Have a great fundraising idea? Submit your Fundraiser Proposal to MSAA! Once MSAA receives your submission, we will be able to assist you with providing a logo, creating a fundraising page, and answering any questions you have about organizing your event.

  2. Decide what type of fundraiser you would like to have! Independent fundraisers can include bake sales, bowling competitions, golf tournaments, and more.

  3. Create an Online Fundraising Page. We are excited to debut our new DIY Fundraising platform.You will now be able to connect your fundraiser to Facebook, email friends and family about your fundraiser, and customize your page! This is a great way to collect donations, tell your story, and promote your event!

  4. Hold your Fundraiser. Now that you have planned everything, it is time to hold your event - don’t forget to take pictures!

  5. Follow up post-fundraiser. After you have successfully organized and held your fundraising event, reach out to MSAA. You can send your funds by mail to our headquarters, donate them online, or add to your personal fundraising page. Send all pictures, questions, or comments to

Are you ready to get started? Here are some toolkits to help you have a successful event:

  • Bake Sale - Bake delicious cookies, brownies, or anything you’d like to help raise awareness and funds for MSAA.
  • Mini-Golf Tournament - Gather your friends and family to Tee off for MS!
  • Strike 4 MS - Individual or team bowling competition
Resources for your DIY Fundraiser:
  • Fundraising Schedule - follow a version of this fundraising schedule and you will raise $500 in no time!
  • Fundraising Bingo Board - Post this bingo board on your Instagram story or Facebook story. Every time someone donates to your page with one of the amounts on the board, tag their account in the box. Don't forget to link to your fundraising page.

Did you previously create a fundraiser using our old platform? Search for your page here: Search for a fundraising page or edit your fundraising page (Participant Center).