Create a Tribute Page

Create a personal fundraising tribute page to honor a friend, remember a loved one, or celebrate a special occasion.

You can personalize your page with your own message and pictures, as well as share with your family and friends. Funds raised help ensure more people get the assistance they are seeking, whether it be resources for the newly diagnosed, cooling vests, wheelchairs, much-needed MRIs and much, much more. 

It's quick and easy to set up your Tribute page:

  • Create: In about 5 minutes, you can create your personal Tribute page. Your page will be immediately available online for others to see.
  • Personalize: Write a personal story,share memories, add a picture or create a photo album.
  • Share: Email family, friends and co-workers about your personal fundraising page and ask them to support the cause or share their thoughts on your guestbook.
  • Update: You will have access to your Champion Center where you can update your page, send e-mails and check the progress of your Tribute page.

Need help? If you need help or have questions about your Tribute page, please call (800) 532-7667, ext. 117 or email

*If you are participating in Swim for MS, or any other volunteer fundraiser, please do not create a Tribute Page. You are given the opportunity to create a fundraising page through each of these programs. If you have questions about these specific programs, please email