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Networking Program

What is the MSAA Networking Program?

The MSAA Networking Program is an online community of individuals with multiple sclerosis and their care partners who are interested in finding peer support and corresponding through email exchange.

Participants in the program find it very helpful and reassuring to link up with others who are affected by MS and face similar challenges. Additionally, this online format allows people to participate from their home around a schedule that best fits their lifestyle. This use of email correspondence is especially helpful for those who are unable to attend traditional support group meetings but still want to stay connected to the MS community.

If you are already an existing member of the MSAA Networking Program, please log in to access the Directory.

I am not a member - how do I participate?

Individuals interested in participating must either complete the online Networking Program Application or download the PDF version and submit by mail to MSAA for processing.

Mail the completed PDF form to:
Networking Program
375 Kings Highway North
Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08034  

If you have any other problems with this application, please email Peter Damiri at Indicate in your email of your interest in the Networking Program, together with your mailing information and we will send you the application.

Participants are asked to specify if they are an MS client or care partner, list their name and email address, provide a brief summary of their interests or reasons for correspondence, and sign the application giving MSAA permission to share this information with others in the program.

Access to the Networking Program Directory will be limited to approved members of the program. Participants will be able to search for other Neworking Program members by general geographic areas and individual interests. The Networking Program Directory will also allow members to update their own contact and personal information whenever needed.

"MSAA has never disappointed me. I have made contact with several women participating in the Networking Program. Praise for MSAA is high." Linda - Etowah, TN