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Frequently Asked Questions About Donations

How do I donate to MSAA?

How do I donate in memory of or in honor of someone?

If I want to send a donation directly to MSAA in Cherry Hill, New Jersey what address do I use?

How much of my donation goes to those who have multiple sclerosis?

Is there a way 100 percent of my gift can go to programs and services?

I was called by someone who said they represented can I find out if this company is telling the truth?

I sent in my donation, and I received another notice asking me to send in my donation...why?

How do I remove my name from your calling list?

I want to give to MSAA but don't want to be called...what do I do?

Why am I called more than once per year?

Why is the address on the return envelope different from the address of MSAA's Headquarters?

How many PO Boxes does MSAA use for donations? 


Frequently Asked Questions About Special Events

MSAA uses the term “MSAA Special Event” and “Third Party Event”. What is the difference?


Frequently Asked Questions About Creating Your Own Event

Once I sign-up, do I automatically become a volunteer?

I’d like to hold an event, but I don’t know where to start.

How can MSAA help me promote my event?


Frequently Asked Questions About Volunteering with MSAA

Who can volunteer with MSAA?

Is there an age requirement to be able to volunteer?

Can I volunteer with MSAA to fulfill my community service requirements?