How You Can Help

MSAA offers multiple opportunities to get involved and help the MS community by using your personal skills and expertise. Most volunteers help us by holding a Swim for MS event locally, or by recruiting other people to help spread the word about MSAA.

Take the initiative and help MSAA reach its goals while having fun, making friends, learning new skills, and fulfilling one of your ambitions - all at the same time! Your volunteer service to raise funds is truly invaluable.

Get Started Today!

Create a Swim Challenge for Fundraising
Swim for MS is a national fundraiser in which volunteers are encouraged to create their own swim challenge while recruiting online donations to support MSAA.
Check our VolunteerMatch page to look for other opportunities in your community!
Please help MSAA with our mission of improving lives today!

Additional Opportunities:

Participate in a special event
Create Your Own Event
Become an MSAA Street Squad Member
Make a donation
MSAA Partnerships
MSAA President's Circle