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Learn how art is helping people diagnosed with MS.
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Dear Friend,
Think about all the activities you perform every day — activities as simple as getting out of bed, showering, walking to the kitchen, and making a cup of coffee. These are everyday activities many of us take for granted. But for someone living with multiple sclerosis (MS), many typical day-to-day tasks become challenging.
Now imagine what it's like for an artist with MS to maneuver a paintbrush, to create the exquisite details of each scene, and to express their emotions and creativity so wonderfully.
"While I try not to let the MS define me, it dictates much of what I can and can't do. My vision's a challenge daily. My morning fatigue is debilitating. But I have something in which I can get lost in and forget all of my problems — my art. Since I can't hold onto a brush, I paint only with my fingers. Getting lost in the music I paint to and helping the colors dance across the canvas has become my mental, spiritual, and emotional therapy. I'm so grateful for MSAA for all that they do, and for showing the world that yes, we may be knocked down a bit — we may have to work a little harder — but we are capable of great things such as bringing beauty and art into the world! I have MS. But I am an artist."
— Shana S.
Art is powerful. It can be therapeutic... it can capture and express emotions... and it can provide a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.
MSAA is dedicated to helping people with MS in any way we can. Our Art Showcase is an important program that gives people diagnosed with this life-changing disease the opportunity to share their story, connect with others, and stay inspired.
Please take a few minutes to learn more about the MSAA Art Showcase and explore the wonderful works of art created by our MS community.
Gina Ross Murdoch
Gina Ross Murdoch
President & CEO
Multiple Sclerosis Association of America
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